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What is the CCBPA                                                       

     The CCBPA is the brainchild of Shirley Leeper, who was a very successful Commerce City businesswoman, and community Leader who was certainly ahead of her time.

     She partnered with civic leaders in the late 1970's for the expressed purpose of bringing a quality and safe environment to the children, families and businesses of Commerce City.  The CCBPA was also established to encourage new businesses and non-profits and to bring all parties, including government entities, to the table.  

     While it started in the "Derby" area as it was considered "Downtown" Commerce City at the time, these same leaders and others participated in helping to campaign for the annexation of the lands in the north to help build the vibrant City we have today.  Among other things,  the CCBPA is the facilitator for Commerce City's Annual Winterfest as well as the annual Trick or Treat Street, which serves thousands of children every year.   


     The CCBPA was formally registered as a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation on August 29, 1991 and is strictly managed by volunteers.   No one has ever been paid as all funds donated and raised go to the events and programs that benefit the families and businesses of Commerce City.    

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